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Friend in need
Community rallies to help with medical bills

City: Show us the money
Library told to provide document proving it has funds for facility

‘Danger’ to Valley facing jail time
Man to be sentenced for theft, police chases

Valley Center city budget holds the line on taxes
The budget is buoyed by a 4.2 percent increase in valuations. Before getting the figures from Sedgwick County, city leaders had considered a tax increase for public safety based on an estimated small jump in valuations.

Safety walk starts and ends peacefully
Now, the walk's organizer, Tom Lille, said he wants to make it a regular event.

Summer storm damages trees
High winds damaged trees in the Valley Meadows neighborhood north of Fifth Street and west of Meridian and in some areas of west Valley Center.

Officers take animal calls
On June 12, officers assisted Park City police at 1601 E. 91st Circle North by retrieving a snake from a vehicle. On June 13, officers responded to 221 N. Birch, where a baby opossum was on a front porch behind a dumpster. The opossum wasn't bothering anyone, so officers left it alone.

Museum raising money
The museum is managed by the Valley Center Historical & Cultural Society, an all-volunteer group.

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Valley Center ‘Danger’ to Valley facing jail time

Recreation League UK soccer players host local camp

Valley Center Friend in need

Valley Center City: Show us the money

Valley Center Safety walk starts and ends peacefully

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