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Bel Aire to widen busy street
By Taylor Messick
Last Updated: October 05, 2017

On Oct. 3, the Bel Aire City Council approved a KDOT project request for the expansion of Woodlawn between 37th North and 45th North in 2020.

The project has been approved by Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and now must be submitted to KDOT for final approval.

When KDOT gives the word, Bel Aire will be able to provide a list of its preferred contractors and engineers for the job and start seeking bids.

Bel Aire will be responsible for 20 percent of the funding and the city will likely borrow money in 2019 for those funds.

The road will be re-worked from the north end of the 37th North intersection and will be rebuilt all the way through the 45th North intersection. City engineer Anne Stephens said the road is going to look a bit different than it does now. There will no longer be a four-way stop.

City manager Ty Lasher said he believes the community will be relieved when the project is complete. This project should make the intersection of 45th North and Woodlawn much easier to travel.

“45th Street is really busy during certain times," said Lasher. “We'll enlarge the road, put sidewalks in and re-do the intersection. It will actually have a traffic light and a turn lane as well."

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