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Alcohol in van dismays Sunrise
By The News staff
Last Updated: August 10, 2017

Busch beer and whiskey were the drinks of choice for someone who borrowed a Sunrise Christian Academy van and drove to a Kansas City Royals baseball game last weekend.

It wasn't a good look for the Bel Aire private school.

"We regret this entire incident and want to make it known that Sunrise in no way encouraged, knowingly allowed or will tolerate this behavior," the school said in a statement on Facebook.

Apparently, the school loaned the van to an individual who then loaned it to another person without the school's knowledge or consent, the school said.

The person had a 30-pack of Busch beer and a bottle of whiskey in the back luggage compartment. A picture of the van in the stadium parking lot with its back doors wide open was posted on social media and spread quickly.

On Aug. 7, Sunrise went to social media to explain the situation. Sunrise said the individual "made a poor decision" to have alcohol in the vehicle.

"We are committed to seeing students grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man," the school said on Facebook. "We do not feel like alcohol and the culture associated with it fits anywhere in that description."

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