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North Sedgwick County continues to grow
By Chris Strunk
Last Updated: July 13, 2017

Cities in north Sedgwick County continue to grow.

According to 2016 population figures certified July 1 by the Kansas Secretary of State's Office, Bel Aire and Valley Center saw triple-digit growth in the number of residents, while Park City grew, but not by as many.

Bel Aire grew by 226 residents, from 7,435 in 2015 to 7,661 in 2016. The 3 percent uptick was the highest growth percentage in all of Sedgwick County.

"Absolutely that's what we want," said Bel Aire Mayor David Austin. "We have a golden opportunity here that we've been taking advantage of. We've been able to plan the growth, work with developers and come up with the right housing that meets the needs in this area."

Austin said the entire north Sedgwick County area is inviting because "it's close to everything."

"That truly is probably our best marketing tool," he said. " On top of that is the fact that we're ranked one of the safest, most affluent and most diverse cities in the state."

Valley Center grew by 121 residents, from 7,222 to 7,343 (1.7 percent).

"I think as a governing body we're making good decisions about Valley Center's long-term growth," said Valley Center Mayor Laurie Dove. "The growth is strategic and planned and is something that is in line with some of the amenities and infrastructure we are providing."

Park City grew from 7,618 to 7,632 (.2 percent). Kechi was the only city in north Sedgwick County to see a population decline, but only by one resident, from 1,996 to 1,995.

All four cities grew from 2014 to 2015.

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