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Park City pushes pet microchipping
By Taylor Messick
Last Updated: February 16, 2017

On Feb. 14, the Park City council voted to restructure the city's procedures for dealing with pet registration and permitting.

Staff gave a number of reasons for the policy changes, but police Chief Phil Bostian explained that the Wichita Animal Shelter has not raised rates for animal intake in years. To make up for it, the shelter is raising its rates this year from $25 to $70 per animal.

"The structure is being changed a little bit as well," said Bostian. "They used to collect some of that, send it to us, then bill us for it; they're not collecting anymore. All of the collecting is going to be on us, which will no doubt mean less money. The fees are almost tripling and our ability to recover those funds will be more difficult."

The city felt that the best way for it to keep animal intake prices down was to restructure the pet fee system to encourage residents to get microchips for their pets. Microchip prices vary depending on the veterinarian, but normally cost less than $50. Two years ago, Park City police purchased microchip wands that read the chip when the pet is scanned. The owner's contact information is then displayed, which ensures that the pet is returned quickly.

"We want to take fewer animals to the shelter," said Bostian. "We want to see fewer animals euthanized, as well. It's very sad, but if they end up at the shelter without a tag or microchip the chances of them being euthanized is very high."

The major change to the restructuring of the fees is the move from a penalty system to an incentive system. Previously, the cost to register a pet was $12; owners were then charged additional fees if they didn't have a fenced yard or if the pet was not spayed or neutered. The cost of pet registration is now $35, but owners can get discounts of $10 for a fenced yard and $5 for spaying or neutering pets. There is also now an additional $5 incentive for owners who prove their pet has been microchipped with a veterinarian's note.

In other business, the council:

•Waived the requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120a for 2017 financial statements of GAAP by a unanimous vote.

•Established the new monthly base charge for water and sewer service by a unanimous vote.

•Purchased two new police vehicles with equipment by a unanimous vote.

•Gave permission to the police department to sell two Crown Victorias, a half-ton pickup and a mo-ped by a unanimous vote.

•Approved a bid of $19,900 from Davis Moore Dodge for one pickup for the water department by a unanimous vote.

•Accepted a bid of $24,486 from Utility Maintenance Contractors for the rehabilitation of 10 manholes by a unanimous vote.

•Approved a bid for concrete slabs for disc golf in Hap McLean Park by a 7-1 vote.

•Authorized the solicitation of bids for chip and seal street improvement project on Broadway between 53rd and 69th Streets by a unanimous vote.

•Approved the continuance of the coupon program for trash disposal on City-wide Cleanup Day by a unanimous vote.

•Accepted a bid of $19,656 for repairs to the main sewer lift station to include rehabilitating the motor in the pump by a unanimous vote.

All members of the council were present. There was no executive session.

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