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Middle school wrestlers remain undefeated
By The News staff
Last Updated: February 16, 2017

During the past week, the Valley Center Middle School wrestling team swept another varsity double dual, and the junior varsity competed in a tournament.

Results of the Feb. 14 double dual at Andover Central were not available at presstime.

At home Feb. 7, the Hornets captured dual wins over both Maize South (48-45) and Maize (60-37). Valley Center is now 6-0 in duals this season.

"Maize South was a very good team," coach Jon Graham said. "Had any of the wins we got against them gone the other way, we would have lost to them. Everyone did their best to help seal a very narrow victory."

Winning both matches on the night were Donivin Hopewll at 90 pounds, Ryker Case (100), Brett Turner (105), Alyeus Craig (110), Trynton Flores (165, 180) and Garrett Craft (215). Case, Flores and Craft all pinned their opponents.

Aaron Wiebe split at 80 pounds. He was pinned by Maize South and won by forfeit over Maize.

Tommy Sutter (85) also split. He was pinned by Maize South and pinned Maize.

Ben Carver split at 95 pounds, losing a decision to Maize South and winning by forfeit over Maize.

Tate Schurle split at 115 pounds. He pinned Maize South but lost a 4-3 decision to Maize.

Hunter Sharp (120) lost 9-7 to Maize South and won 6-3 over Maize.

Cole Evans was pinned by Maize South at 127 pounds and by Maize at 134.

Marcelo Martinez split his matches. He lost to Maize South at 134 and pinned Maize at 127.

At 141 pounds, Jace Burgess was 0-2.

Brenden Vining won 4-3 at 155 pounds over Maize South and lost at 165 to Maize.

Ben Warner (180) lost to Maize South.

Valley's JV won six matches in the double dual.

At 100 pounds, Adrian Smith lost to Maize South and Aydin Lewis posted a 10-1 major decision over Maize South.

The Hornets recorded pins at 115 pounds by West Schomaker, Sid Sears and Angel Simmons.

Xiomara Rivera lost twice at 120 pounds.

Chase Horning was 0-3 at 127.

Hunter Slay (141) split two matches, winning over Maize South and losing to Maize.

Dakota Phillips (148) lost to Maize South and pinned Maize.

Ross Hankins was 0-2 at 155 pounds.

The junior varsity to Goddard for a Feb. 11 tournament that produced one Hornet champion and one runner-up.

Adrian Smith was first at 95-B. He won a major decision over Warner of Andover, pinned Rimbey of Hutchinson and received a bye in Round 3.

Dakota Phillips was second at 148-B. He pinned Haroual of Andover, lost to Giddings of McPherson and pinned Salsberry of Hutchinson in Round 3.

West Shoemaker (105) won a decision over Perez of Ark City, lost to Elloitt of Eisenhower, and pinned both Hermann of Cheney and Perez of Ark City to place third.

At 110-B, Sid Sears was third. He pinned Daughtry of Andover Central, lost a 2-0 decision to Ark City's Cook, pinned Forred of Rose Hill and pinned Vogts of McPherson.

Aydin Lewis (95) pinned Steele of Goddard, lost to Ramirez of Andover, pinned Medsker of Rose Hill and lost to Thiel of Andover to finish fourth.

Angel Simmons (115) lost to Gonzalez of Hutchinson and White of Andover Central.

Taryn Knedgen (115-B) lost to Rivera of Andover Central, pinned Shramek of Cheney and lost to Raffinengo of Eisenhower.

Chase Horning (127) lost to Braton of Augusta and Maybriar of Winfield.

At 127-B, Xiomara Rivera was third. He lost to Reese of Goddard, received a bye, won by forfeit and captured a 10-4 decision over Lowe of Winfield.

Jace Burgess placed third at 141 pounds. He lost to Jackson of Winfield, received a bye, and pinned Roybal of Winfield and Cushenbery of Andover Central.

Ross Hankins (155) lost to Whitfil of Andover and McGuffey of Cheney.

Ben Warner (165) pinned Hammond of Eisenhower but lost to both Ayers of Cheney and Yost of Goddard.

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